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I shall start with the bitching, as I always find it's better to end on a lighter note than starting on one. Especially in story telling, which I understand I am not doing right now.

I would love a beta...especially one that is nice. BT are fucking awful internet providers and real life is fucking awful too.

On a much brighter note, my N7 Hoodie and DEADLIEST SON OF A BITCH IN SPACE t-shirt are here! I am enjoying the privilege of wearing them. I also enjoy having some great friends, family and there are some truly spectacular things in this world.

I have many crisps.


I was retweeted by Judd Apatow. The King of modern comedy finds me funny! Or at least a little bit. I feel awesome.

Also I may be writing some non-bioware fandoms soon...Question is, can I be arsed? Does anyone care?

Lastly, new journal layout. Much less boring than before. Want a more geeky theme though, can't be bothered to search for them though.

Nov. 25th, 2010

Writing can really be effort. Really lots of effort.

Also How to Train your Dragon is looking awesome atm.

Why was Nathan Fillion not cast as Nathn Drake. He's epic levels of awesome. If there is a chance to cast him. Cast him. He's Mal fucking Reynolds.
The story ended up as 16850 words...it would have gone on longer but i kinda shrunk the end through being infuriated at me taking so fucking long!

The hell?

I'm currently writing a DA kinkmeme request about some Morristair, intended it to be about 1000 words. It's currently on 9700. There's going to more.

Why couldn't i be like that on essays when it actually mattered?

I have too much time on my hands. And no life. Can i get one on ebay?
Can i have some birthday love please LJ? Thanks x


I am 24 on monday. I have no degree, no job and no idea what to do in life.

Good start eh! At least i know how to enjoy myself.
Am i the only person on livejournal who actually uses their own picture?
Haven't posted on here in a long, long time...

How is everyone? Hope you're all good :)


Nathan Fillion.

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